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  1. Cerere Unban

    Aceasta este dovada , nu este foarte clara , dar in acea imagine puteti observa in mod clar cum exista un trap , probabil a facut-o prietenul tau , dar este in prot ta
  2. Reclamatie Paquito

    Ok, first of all, I can not afford to wait to record since you were killing a user (Sadic); secondly if you're not a hacker could you explain how you could paste through the blocks? You also already had 4 reports of "kill aura", third that ss is not valid since you disconnected from the server and started the section with another account and you could change the version I will not give him an even if I do not have a video of him, if any staff doubt me, I can do it without worry Thanks for your attention :) Q: Why did you want to know if you had evidence? Were you afraid to look bad with your report? 7u7

    Good afternoon today i come to postularme as herlper on the server because there is not one who speaks spanish,and i would like to help people who can not speak roman I am willing to follow what i ordered. no more to say i retire and await your response user: paquito