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  1. MaxLupuMoldovean

    Cerere Trial-Helper IosifDnl

    Acceptat T/C
  2. MaxLupuMoldovean

    Cerere Helper Watchez

    Acceptat t/c
  3. MaxLupuMoldovean

    Cerere T-Helper V2

    Respins T/C
  4. MaxLupuMoldovean

    Cerere T-Helper <Varianta Finala>

    Respins T/C
  5. MaxLupuMoldovean

    Cerere T-Helper

    Respins T/C
  6. MaxLupuMoldovean

    cerere T-Helper TheKingOfGold

    Respins T/C
  7. MaxLupuMoldovean

    Reclamatie TheKingOfGold

    Acceptat T/C Helperu va fi sanctionat.
  8. MaxLupuMoldovean

    Cerere Trial-Helper Lulush23

    Acceptat T/C
  9. MaxLupuMoldovean

    Cerere T- Helper KsesoNN

    Acceptat T/C
  10. MaxLupuMoldovean

    Cerere Helper GTA

    Respins T/C din cauza abuzului.
  11. MaxLupuMoldovean

    Reclamatie Gold

    Helperu inca e nou si ma anuntat in legatura cu ce a facut asa ca il voi avertiza. Multumesc de reclamatie T/C acceptat.
  12. MaxLupuMoldovean

    cerere T-Helper TheKingOfGold

    Acceptat T/C
  13. MaxLupuMoldovean


    Acceptat si amandoi o sa fiti sanctionati. T/C lbj+tp
  14. MaxLupuMoldovean


    Contra T/C
  15. MaxLupuMoldovean

    Reclamatie Zabuza x2

    Respins reclamație irelevantă.