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  1. AdrianPopa1998

    Propunere Key Exchanger

  2. AdrianPopa1998

    Reclamatie Kakaruto

    Respins. Prst se considera ca limbaj. Topic closed
  3. AdrianPopa1998

    Reclamatie Zabuza

    Respins. Spam-ul avoid este atunci cand o persoana repeta aceasi chestie intr-un anumit interval de timp. De exemplu: Vand 32 cobblestone cu 10$, iar dupa 20 de secunde din nou acelasi mesaj. Spam-ul avoid este considerat cand o persoana scrie aceasi fraza in randuri repetate, de cel putin 4 ori pe minut. Acel tip de spam pe care l-a facut, nu mai exista in regulament.
  4. AdrianPopa1998

    Reclamatie faina v.2

    Respins. Dovezile tale nu imi pot dovedi ca membrul staff era on la momentul injuriei scrise pe chat.
  5. AdrianPopa1998

    Reclamatie v.2

    Respins, 5 minute in plus sau minus, nu moare
  6. AdrianPopa1998

    Cerere Trial-Helper CataCatalin

  7. AdrianPopa1998

    Cerere Trial-Helper

    Respins. Topic Closed
  8. AdrianPopa1998

    Cerere Stechera

    Acceptat T/C
  9. AdrianPopa1998

    Cerere Unban server Asassins

    Respins, reclamatie facuta unui administrator
  10. AdrianPopa1998


  11. AdrianPopa1998

    Cerere Unregister

    Contact GoodJobSteve pe discord GoodJobSteve#0342 sau skype live:popagabriel580
  12. AdrianPopa1998

    Cerere trial-helper ToTaNHaMoN

    Respins: CNP nu corespunde cu data de nastere
  13. AdrianPopa1998

    Cerere Trial-Helper KingDog

    Acceptat Topic-Close
  14. AdrianPopa1998

    Cerere T-Helper _Eddi_

    Acceptat Topic-Close
  15. AdrianPopa1998

    Cerere Builder

    Respins Topic-Close