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xMrP1x3latu last won the day on November 9 2018

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  1. dc e respins????


  2. xMrP1x3latu

    Portofoliu - KaitaN

    LOL Felicitari . Arata super <3 :D
  3. xMrP1x3latu

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    Cerere Avatar Imaginea stock (posteaza link către imagine). : https://imgur.com/icuDi3c Textul dorit (optional). : xMrP1x3latu , iar jos sa apara Addicted2 Indicatii (optional). : Daca se poate, ceva flacari iesind dintrun colt a imaginii sau alte efecte.
  4. Do you know da wae ? *knukles-2018*