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Aplicatiile pentru functia de "Helper" pentru serverul de Minecraft sunt deschise !


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  1. Model Reclamatie!! Titlul trebuie sa corespunda conform reclamatiei dvs: [Jigniri - JohnBK ] [Insulte - JohnBK] [Limbaj - JohnBK ] [PK] - JohnBK ] Nume: Motiv: Dovada(poza):
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    Sarbatori fericite tuturor!!!! 🤩
  3. Players Rules: 1. Observe the rule of common sense: - Don't offend other players. - Talk politically. - Civilized behavior. 2. HACK is forbidden and punished with permanent ban! 3. Don't make obscene nicknames. 4. Game Master always has the last word! 5. Failure to follow the above rules will lead to ban Between 1-15 days or permanent ban! 6. DO NOT advertise on other servers! GENERAL RULES !!! (DETAILED !) 1. Languages [MODEL] Insults brought to players are penalized as follows: - First warning: Suspend for at least 1 day - Second warning: Suspend at least 3 days - Third warning: Suspend at least 10 days * The whole discussion must be seen in the screenshots so that the language is not provoked, with F4 on the whole screen. * Indecent language and swearing expressed with normal chat can be reported by people other than the one to whom it is addressed. * Insults can only be reported by the insulted person. 2. Behavior towards Administrators and Game Master's [MODEL] Improper behavior towards Administrators and Game Master's will be punished depending on the severity of the situation. The use of nicknames similar to those of the Administrators or Game Master's (nick names & guild names) leads to the suspension of those characters for an indefinite period. Persons who pretend to be Administrators / Game Master's, "acquaintances", relatives of those who are part of the ADMIN guild, must be reported, the sanction for this being at least 20 days suspended. Insults brought to Game Masters or Administrators will be penalized as follows: - First warning: Suspend at least 10 days - 2nd warning: Suspend at least 20 days - 3rd warning: Permanent ban Attention: A Game Master does not request data about your account; no items and no favors 3. Cheating [MODEL] Using hack applications Package replication applications (1-hit kill, 5x hit, etc.). Those caught using such a program risk the following sanction: IP BANNED for an indefinite period! Exploitation of game bugs is NOT accepted! With or without help programs (hacks) exploiting a bug is ILLEGAL! For the famous SHADOW BUG and DUPE BUG, the IPs from where the respective account was logged are filtered. Do not log in with an account other than your own. If your IP is blocked, the excuse doesn't work: "I just logged into a friend's account to see what he has. I had NO way of knowing ..." 4. Advertise on other servers [MODEL] Advertising on other servers (by MU and not only) in the game leads instantly to: - IP address / class filtering 5. Player Kill (PK) [MODEL] -First warning: suspend for at least 3 days -Second warning: suspend for at least 6 days -Third warning: suspend for at least 14 days * Does not apply when the status of the killer does not change. (the victim is MURDERER) * To see that the whole discussion is not provoked with F4 on the whole screen. * Pk is only allowed in Battle maps. The print of the challenged one must be made with F4 on the whole screen in order to see the whole discussion. 6. Selling items for money It is forbidden to sell items for money or other material values (telephone credit, etc.), regardless of their origin: donations, invasions, events, etc. both in the game and on the forum. In order to report such an attempt on one's part, the picture must be taken with F4 pressed to the maximum and to include the whole discussion, and this should be explicit in proving that it is desired to sell for money or other material values unrelated to the game. Topics created for the purpose of selling and obtaining material benefits in real life will be erased and their creator will be drastically sanctioned. Addicted2Mu does not take responsibility for any problems that may arise in the case of sales of items in the Mu game made between players. The sanction is: Account blocked for an indefinite period.
  4. Server Rules Addicted2Mu! Regulament Players: 1. Respectati regula bunului simt: - Nu jigniti alti playeri. - Vorbiti politicos. - Comportativa civilizat. 2. HACK este interzis si se pedepseste cu ban permanent! 3. Nu va faceti nickuri obscene. 4. Game Masterul intodeauna are ultimul cuvant ! 5. Nerespectarea regulilor de mai sus duce la ban. Intre 1-15 zile sau ban permanent ! 6. NU faceti reclama la alte servere ! REGULAMENT GENERAL !!! (DETALIAT !) 1. Limbaj [ MODEL ] Insultele/Jignirile aduse jucatorilor se penalizeaza in functie de gravitate , pentru jigniri adresate familiei Suspendul minim este 3 zile! Insultele aduse jucatorilor se penalizeaza astfel: - Primul avertisment: Suspend minim 1 zi - Al doilea avertisment: Suspend minim 3 zile - Al treilea avertisment: Suspend minim 10 zile *Trebuie sa se vada toata discutia in screenshot-uri sa nu fie provocat limbajul, cu F4 pe tot ecranul. *Limbajul indecent si injuraturile exprimate cu normal chat pot fi reclamate si de alte persoane decat cea careia ii sunt adresate. *Insultele pot fi reclamate doar de catre persoana insultata. 2. Comportamentul fata de Administratori si Game Master's[ MODEL ] Comportamentul necorespunzator fata de Administratori si Game Master's se va pedepsi in functie de gravitatea situatiei. Folosirea de nick-uri asemanatoare celor ale Administratorilor sau Game Master's (nick names & guild names) duce la suspendarea respectivelor caractere pe o perioada nedefinita. Persoanele care se dau drept Administrator/Game Master's, "cunostinte" , rude ale celor care fac parte din guild ADMIN, trebuiesc raportate , sanctiunea pentru acest lucru fiind de minim 20 de zile suspend. Insultele aduse Game Master-ilor sau Administratorilor se vor penaliza astfel: - Primul avertisment : Suspend minim 10 zile - Al 2lea avertisment : Suspend minim 20 zile - Al 3lea avertisment : Ban permanent Atentie: Un Game Master nu cere date despre contul vostru; nici iteme si nici favoruri 3. Cheating [ MODEL ] Folosirea aplicatiilor de tip hack Aplicatiile de replicat pachete (1-hit kill, 5x hit, etc). Cei care sunt prinsi folosind un astfel de program risca urmatoarea sanctiune: IP BANNED pe o perioada nedefinita ! NU se accepta explotarea bug-urilor jocului ! Cu sau fara programe ajutatoare (hackuri) exploatarea unui bug este ILEGALA! Pentru renumitele SHADOW BUG si DUPE BUG se filtreaza IP-urile de unde s-a logat contul respectiv. Nu va logati cu alt cont decat contul vostru. Daca vi se blocheaza IP-ul nu merge scuza: "doar m-am logat pe contul unui prieten sa vad ce are. NU aveam de unde sa stiu..." 4. Reclama la alte servere [ MODEL ] Publicitate/reclama la alte servere (de MU si nu numai) in joc duce instant la: - filtrarea adresei/clasei IP 5. Player Kill (PK) [ MODEL ] NU Se da Ban PK Pentru urmatoarele Eventuri! Kanturu Event (Nightmare) Selupan , Medusa , Kraken! -Primul avertisment : suspend minim 1 zile -Al doilea avertisment : suspend minim 3 zile -Al treilea avertisment: suspend minim 7 zile *Nu se aplica atunci cand status-ul celui care omoara nu se modifica. (victima este MURDERER) *Sa se vada toata discutia sa nu fie provocat cu F4 pe tot ecranul. *Pk este permis doar in hartile Battle. Printul celui provocat trebuie sa fie facut cu F4 pe tot ecranul ca sa se vada toata discutia. 6.Vanzarea de iteme pentru bani Este interzisa vanzarea de iteme pe bani sau pe alte valori materiale (credit telefonic,etc),indiferent de provenienta lor: donatii, invazii ,eventuri etc atat in joc cat si pe forum . Pentru a raporta o asemenea incercare din partea cuiva trebuie facuta poza cu F4 apasat la maxim si sa cuprinda toata discutia , iar aceasta sa fie explicita in a demonstra ca se doreste vinzarea pe bani sau alte valori materiale ce nu au legatura cu jocul . Topicurile create in scopul vanzarii si obtinerii de foloase materiale in viata reala vor fi sterse iar creatorul lor va fi sanctionat drastic. Addicted2Mu nu isi asuma raspunderea pentru eventualele probleme aparute in cazul vanzarilor de iteme din jocul Mu facute intre jucatori. Sanctiunea este : Cont blocat perioada nedeterminata .
  5. Staff List Addicted2Mu 2021 Name: @Impulsive Rank: Administrator - Technician - Sponsor Name: @MRKhada Rank: Administrator - Technician For who have problems with donations pm @MRKhada For who want to be Game Master pm @MRKhada Contact: Discord: Impulsive#9879 Discord: MRKhada#2371
  6. Server Discord! Server Discord Addicted2Mu >>> Discord!
  7. MRKhada

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    Neata , cum nu se poate vedea ce este in info?
  8. MRKhada

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    Salut , nu consuma skill cu mult mai putin dar potiunile de mana sunt 125 la jumate fata cum sunteti obisnuiti si nu este obligatoriu sa fi on , poti trece in Helper Mana iar cineva din party sa arunce mana pe jos sa faci refill plus ca este in Devias quest de extend inventory iar dupa 2 rr nu prea mai ai probleme cu mana.
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    Hello We can`t add download link atm cuz we still working on server and if you will find any bugs will be fixed in next update , i hope it is 99% Buggless . Cheers!
  10. What max level you wish for Sphere to balance PVP ?
  11. Website up !!! Click>>>Addicted2Mu
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    Liniste si pace ... Salut all😄
  13. [DROP]Box of Kundun Box of Kundun +1: Sets: Leather Pad Bronze Scale Bone Silk Ring/Pendant: Ring of Ice Ring of Poison Ring of Fire Ring of Earth Ring of Wind Ring of Magic Pendant of Ice Pendant of Wind Pendant of Water Pendant of Ability Pendant of Lighting Pendant of Fire Weapons Shields: Short Sword Kriss Sword of Assasin Katana Gladius Sword of Salamander Small Axe Hand Axe Double Axe Mace Morning Star Battle Scepter Double Poleaxe Dragon Lance Halberd Spear Short Bow Bow Elven Bow Crossbow Golden Crossbow Skull Staff Angelic Staff Serpent Staff Mistery Stick Small Shield Horn Shield Buckler Kite Shield Box of Kundun +2: Sets: Brass Wind Spirit Sphinx LightPlate Plate Violent Wind Weapons Shields: Rapier Falchon Serpent Sword Blade Legendary Sword Light Saber Tomahawk Elven Axe Battle Axe Nikea Axe Flail Great Hammer Master Scepter Giant Trident Berdysh Serpent Spear Light Spear Battle Bow Tiger Bow Arquebus Light Crossbow Serpent Crossbow Legendary Staff Thunder Staff Gorgon Staff Violent Stick Book of Sahamutt Skull Shield Elven Shield Large Round Shield Spiked Shield Box of Kundun+3: Sets: Dragon Legendary Guardian Storm Crow Admantine Sacred Fire RedWing Weapons Shields: Double Blade Lightning Sword Heliacal Sword Giant Sword Sacred Glove Rune Blade Larkan Axe Crescent Axe Crystal Morning Star Crystal Sword Great Scepter Bill of Balrog Great Scythe Silver Bow Chaos Nature Bow Bluewing Crossbow Aquagold Crossbow Resurrection Staff Chaos Lightning Staff Red Winged Stick Book of Neil Serpent Shield Tower Shield Dragon Slayer Shield Plate Shield Legendary Shield Box of Kundun+4: Sets: Black Dragon Dark Steel Ancient Thunder Hawk Grand Soul Storm Zahard Dark Phoenix Divine Weapons Shields: Sword of Destruction Dark Breaker Holy Storm Claw Chaos Dragon Axe Elemental Mace Lord Scepter Dragon Spear Celestial Bow Saint Crossbow Great Reign Crossbow Dragon Soul Staff Destruction Staff Ancient Stick Book of Lagle Bronze Shield Elemental Shield Box of Kundun+5: Sets: Great Dragon DarkMaster Demonic Hurricane DarkSoul Piercing RedSpirit Weapons Shields: Divine Sword of Archangel Divine Scepter of Archangel Divine Crossbow of Archangel Divine Staff of Archangel Divine Stick of Archangel Demonic Stick Thunder Blade Dark Reign Blade Arrow Viper Bow Staff of Kundun Great Lord Scepter Knight Blade Piercing Glove Grand Soul Shield Dragon Shield Cross Shield
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