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Setting Up Hammer For Cs:go

Guest Alex

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Careful: The materials, models, sounds and particles actually have to be extracted to the csgo folder, not the alien swarm folder. So the part around 4:00 is inaccurate.

Here's additional things you should probably know:

  • Your terrorist models will probably show up as ERROR when playing a custom map. Edit the gamemodes.txt in csgo/ to include your map in order to fix that.
  • Your t/ct models will show up as ERROR in the editor, too. Edit your cstrike.fgd's corresponding entries to point to player/ctm-st6.mdl and player/tm-phoenix.mdl instead of the css models.
  • You can circumvent the alien swarm structure-seal thing by removing -alldetail from BSP in expert compile mode and then compiling in expert mode. This will cause BSP to no longer make all entities in your map func-detail and with that make the structure-seal unnecessary.

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