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How To Successfully Install Re-Textures

Guest Alex

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Please follow these simple steps:

Download your skin and save it on your computer.

Then go to your CS GO directory and drag and drop the materials folder from the skin you downloaded into your “csgo” folder.

Right after that open up “pak01_dir” with “Notepad++” which is located in the “csgo” folder in your CS GO directory.

On every skin you download you have to change “pak01_dir” directory lines to make the game look for the modified texture.

The skin which you downloaded will include a view re-texture and a custom name of that re-texture so you have to find these lines and modify them to match with the view re-texture’s custom name:

$basetexture "models\weapons\v_models.........

And if it includes a world re-texture (and of course a custom name of that re-texture) you have to find these lines and modify them to match with the world re-texture’s custom name:

$baseTexture "models/weapons/w_models.........

Then click save and close “Notepad++”

Watch the pictures carefully one more time to make sure that you got everything

Run the game and have fun!!!

I am sorry for any grammar mistakes on the pictures. I know the mistakes but I’m too lazy to record my screen and modify it with Photoshop again.

Hope I helped you and if you got any questions please post a comment or pm me. Have a nice day.

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