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[Share] Java Anti-Phx Announce

Guest Alex

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As u read in my other posts phx can be used on announcements only in l2j free packs
To fix it fallow this sh1t xD

Add this one after line 80

// If no or wrong channel is used - return
if (_type
== SystemChatChannelId.Chat_None || _type ==
SystemChatChannelId.Chat_Announce || _type ==
|| _type == SystemChatChannelId.Chat_System || _type == SystemChatChannelId.Chat_Custom
|| (_type == SystemChatChannelId.Chat_GM_Pet && !activeChar.isGM()))
_log.warn("[Anti-Phx] Illegal chat channel was used.");

if (activeChar == null)
_log.warn("[say2.java] Active Character is null.");

And nobish way, add it after after:

protected void runImpl()
L2PcInstance activeChar = getClient().getActiveChar();

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