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Aplicatiile pentru functia de "Helper" pentru serverul de Minecraft sunt deschise !



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  • Nick: Vibranium
  • In which section did you receive ban? Survival 1.15.2
  • The name of the staff member :  [ iDanEz ]
  • evidence:  
  • Otros detalles: I don't understand the reason for the ban, I don't have hacks, or anything like that, I don't even have an optifine. 
  • The server sends me to the lobby every time I have lag ... What fault do I have that is so.
  • I Send screenshots and did not reply
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Ok, first of all, why you didn't complied with what I said, like, why you didn't gave me share screen for the first time, like it was easy to share screen.
Second thing: Why you started to argue with me when I told you to start your share?
Third thing: The screenshot from your game doesn't count in this situation.

Fourth and last thing: Proof from our converstation https://imgur.com/a/KzlPolW

With me was player C4SH999 who was suspicious about all this mess. He was with me in that conversation, where you have been. You didn't even looked in our group here he started to write to start share screen. It took fucking 5 minutes in this regular control (if you saw my time in R.M). You had time till 8:22 but what you did?

Exactly... nothing.

*from our group. https://imgur.com/a/qJ0djYg

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