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Aplicatiile pentru functia de "Helper" pentru serverul de Minecraft sunt deschise !

Builder request


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 Name: Nicolas


Name in play: Curry974

Building Experience: 2 years

 Knowledge of WorldEdit 10/10 , VoxelSniper 6/10 , never use ARCHEON  / GOPAINT / GOBRUSH 

Build Class : Structure / Terraforming 

Personal portfoliohttps://imgur.com/a/eIVan9V

 Describe yourself in a maximum of 25 words: My constructions are mostly the background of my thinking when I have a theme or a construction idea that I might consider doing, ranging from a small project to a large one.

Have you worked in a build team before? : No

Other information you wish to provide in your application: It will be 2 years that I practice construction, since I have not stopped progressing even if sometimes it was complicated for me to accomplish certain tasks, all the constructions that I have done since have been made by myself in taking up ideas, patterns, themes, I am able to improve constructions (mine or those of others), although I don't like copying / pasting someone else's construction. The Portfolio gived is when i was have the times on this month, if need a build more bigger, more invested, i will make it if this is not enough

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