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How-To-Make-Auto-Update For Mu

Guest Alex

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I saw a request, so here it is!

Most of the older guides how-to-make-auto-update were shit, they don't explain about errors and what to do when you got those errors!

I hope anyone who use this guide will be able to create a auto update launcher!

##Guide Start

First, you need SkyTeam Launcher Builder [ATTACHED].

1. Download it, and open it. Put it in the side.

2. Now go to your HTTP/ROOT folder [c:/appserv/www for AppServ users. htdocs for Xamp users]

3. Create a folder named "udata" in the HTTP/ROOT directory [this will solve you troubles, lots of them..]

So now we got c:/appserv/www/udata p\or htdocs/udata

4. Lets get back to the launcher. Tick ("V") the "Enable Update Feature" and beside it you can see a picture of a packet, click on it and it will open a new window.

[ For those who didn't understand: ]

[ http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s...Guides/pak.jpg ]

5. Now go to your desktop and create a folder named "patch" put in there any file for testing.

6. In the launcher, browse the first line and choose the "patch" folder we created seconds ago.

7. In the second filed choose the "www" folder [NOT udata!!!]

[ Example for the update window: ]

[ http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s...uides/pak2.jpg ]

8. Now click "Create" and it will create the files that will be downloaded to the client.

After it finish to create the files, click the "close" button and get back to the main launcher window.

Under the "Enable Update Feature" there is a field, put in there your website address. so as "http://muonline.no-ip.org/".

Most of the people who try to make a update feature, fail. And this is the catch: you need to put a "/" after the address, not "http://muonline.no-ip.org", this will fail the update! this is the correct URL: "http://muonline.no-ip.org/"

PS: muonline.no-ip.org stands out for the HTTP/ROOT directory [in case you didnt know :P]

Now create the launcher and put it anywhere, activate it and click the update button, now see if it download the test file we created on part 5 of this guide!

Good luck mates =]





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