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Addicted2 Romania
Aplicatiile pentru functia de "Helper" pentru serverul de Minecraft sunt deschise !

L2Jserver Core : 4449 ; Datapack : 7709 [Freya]

Guest Alex

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Un nou server pach pentru L2 Freya

- Revert PTS bug on elegia sets

- Typo fix in MinionList?

- Map can show Seed states.

- p_damage_shield effect doesn't lower damage value.

- Vengeance formula change

- Damage from reflect skills should trigger onHit skills

- XML: For some strange reason this rCrit values should be x10 to match retail.

- XSD: servertopdir.xsd

- XML: Fixing Sand Bomb, some Kamael's skills and others

- Replacing string with their IDs in mc_show.java

- Removing multiple spawns for PolymorphingOnAttack?? script

- LS: deadlock fix

- XML: minor typo fix

- XML: Updating Baylor Skills.

- XML: Updating Panther skills.

- XML: Updating some summon buff skills

- XML: Missing conditions in some skills and some other fixes.

- XML: Updating Frintezza's Skills

- XML: This skills use Grow effect.

Download: => Link 1 Link 2

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