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Addicted2 Romania
Aplicatiile pentru functia de "Helper" pentru serverul de Minecraft sunt deschise !

Raspuns Automat.(Util)


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Descriere: acest plugin "va raspunde" automat cand intalneste anumite cuvinte din chat

Download(cfg+amx+sma): http://solidfiles.com/d/184cc5862a/


1. Fisierul ad_manager.amxx il transferati in folderul plugins;

2. Fisierul advertisements.ini il transferati in folderul configs;


In advertisements.ini o sa gasiti:


; !g for green text

; !t for teamcolor text; blue for CT, red for T and white for Spectator

; !n for normal yellow text


; Begin your line with an @ to make it a response text

; You can use colors in your reaction


; @what to react on~reaction


; Conditions: Put each condition between % and devide conditions and the rest with a ~

; The supported conditions are "map, "min_players" and "max_players"


; Some examples are included:


If there is a cheater in the server, please notify the admin -> !tuse teamspeak, and begin your message with an @

%map cs_assault%~!gNo camping at LAMPS, HIGH BOXES, OR CONTAINERS inside bunker! !nOr and admin might kill you!

@cheat~!gIf there is a cheater in the server, please notify the admin -> !tuse teamspeak and begin your message with an @

Primul paragraf reprezinta culorile pentru cuvinte(g,t,n), iar o reactie se incepe cu @~ in fata cuvantului pronuntat in chat (say/u)

1.Va dau un exemplu simplu, in cazul unui cuvant simplu:


Cineva spune "admin"

raspunsul va fi facut de voi, ca de exemplu:


@admin~!gPentru !tadmin/slot !gaccesati !taddicted2.ro@

si va rezulta:



2. Daca vreti pentru o anumita harta scrieti asa:


%map de_dust2%~!gCampingul este strict !tinterzis!

care va rezulta:


Campingul este strict

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